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11ft 6 Match Special

Ultra-light, ultra-sensitive compound blank with a spliced tip. Three piece (short handle and two 5' sections) ultra-light match rod for delicate presentation. Particularly at home on canals, for bloodworm, and tough winter league fishing. If its still-water, conditions are hard and not right for the pole; this is the rod. Will cast the lightest floats with ease, and has the cushioning ability to play out bonus fish on the lightest of hook lengths. No other Canal rod comes close.

GTI float

These are lightweight match rods, but with the emphasis on catching bags of good fish. They are well balanced but have the power to control a waggler at distance, and the speed to play or swing fish in quickly when you have a winning peg. Although these are labelled as match rods, they are the ideal rod for all round float fishing.

Available in:
  • 12ft, 13ft, 14ft, 15ft - 3 piece with either hollow or spliced tip
  • 17ft and 20ft - 4 piece with either hollow or spliced tip
  • 17ft-20ft - Combination as the standard 20ft rod with an extra short handle giving a 17ft option
Stepped Up float

These rods are for bigger fish; they suit stronger lines 2lb to 6lb, but retain a fine balance, only fractionally more weight than the Gti range. These have the familiar feel of a float rod, but packs reserves of power with big fish attached.

Available in:
  • 12ft
  • 13ft
  • 14ft
  • 15ft 3 piece