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11ft 6" Chimera Barbel Approx 2.0lb tc

A barbel stopper second to none, with enormous reserves of power in the butt section. It gives the confidence to lob cast 4-5 oz of combined terminal weight for those all too common high floodwater conditions. Built with the same materials as the Chimera carp range it produces a stunning looking rod with its distinctive 1k and 3kwoven fabric ,UD high modulus carbon and lustrous lacquer coating .This rod is equally at home at home as a small water carp rod.

12 ft Chimera Specialist 1.75 lb tc

A little longer and slimmer than the 11ft 6" rod .A development from the Harrison specialist but with a touch more power Cosmetics are like 11ft 6" rod. This is the ideal all round barbel rod with enough power to tame double figure fish with ease.

12ft chimera Specialist 1.5 lb tc

Fish are getting bigger, but a delicate approach can still be needed. This rod has been developed from the Harrison interceptor medium range. It's a perfect all rounder. Good for barbel, also great for chub, mullet, tench and bream.

11ft Avon

A traditional and very versatile rod originally designed for barbel fishing but with many other applications. It has 1lb 6oz test curve with a through action, but with plenty of power in the butt section to stop big fish when the need arises.

11ft 6" Worm and Shrimp

This rod is a proven reliable tool for this type of fishing, for species such as Salmon and Sea Trout. It has a through action with a 1lb 8oz test curve.

12ft Specialist

A rod designed for the larger rivers and larger fish. The tip is soft enough to see those sensitive bites but the rod has the power to handle the best of the fish be it barbel or that big chub that comes along.

Available in:
  • 1lb 8oz test curve
  • 1lb 12oz test curve
  • 12ft Interceptor 1lb 10oz

    Conceived for bream fishing on the meres, this rod has won many friends as a great all round specimen rod with power enough for summer barbel. It's not for big leads but it can tame big fish. It will flick small free-lined baits better than any other rod in my range. Float tackle could also be used with this rod.

    12ft Interceptor 1lb 12oz

    This rod was designed for long range bream fishing. It has a very slim blank with a diameter of 12.5 mm at the handle. It was designed to cast a 1.0z to 1.5oz bombs 100 yards with a crisp action that will easily take up a long line and plant the hook. However this is not a fast taper rod.

    12ft 9" Interceptor Float 3 piece

    This three piece float rod has been developed from Harrison's well proved SU Float. At 12' 9" and three pieces it has the familiar feel of a float rod, but packs reserves of power with big fish attached. Although conceived for the specialist angler, there is obviously a use for this rod when match fishing waters where small carp are the main target, this rod has the power needed to speed up fishing.

    11ft Avon Travel 4 piece

    A most versatile rod for every thing from barbel to Harbour Mullet. Keep it in the car for those chance opportunities to fish or take it on the plane on your holidays. At 1lb 8oz test curve, the action has a hint more power and a fraction faster than the 1lb 6oz Avon

    Triptych Specialist Travel 12ft 3 piece

    The trend towards more free time and more travelling has led to the need for shorter rod sections. The triptych was designed with barbel in mind but is not limited to this. It is a versatile 1.5 lb test curve blank that is suitable for a variety of uses, big tench, sea trout, mullet, etc. The important thing is when not in use the sections are only 49 inches long. Not the usual 6 ft plus. This has been achieved with out compromising the action

    Quorum Travel

    Change in seconds from a 12ft to 11ft rod for versatile power and performance that fits in your boot.
    • 12ft 1lb 8oz test curve
    • Progressive through action
    • Specifically designed for barbel
    • A quality rod you can tuck into your car boot
    • Three equal sections for the 12ft on medium or large rivers
    • Shorter butt section for the 11 ft for small waters and tighter swims
    • Easy to change from 11ft to 12ft- simply unscrew reel from one butt and attach other