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Through my ability to cast long distances in tournaments I got involved with Dr Steve Harrison at Harrison rods to develop a tremendous casting tool that also has the ability to fish very well.

The problem with developing a casting rod is all the attributes that are desirable for extreme distances are not so fishing rod friendly, an example of this is that my casting tools are very stiff in the but and have a firm tip which helps control the lead and compress the butt, this combination would be useless for a long range carp rod.

Steve sent me down some prototypes to cast with and even though they were very good quality blanks they didn't quite have the long-range performance that I was hoping to achieve.

By using my experience of casting numerous rods over the years I told Steve what I thought was needed, Steve's expertise was invaluable here and he sent me down a blank that looked and felt awesome.

After a few months casting and fishing with this rod I knew that we had a winner the butt is perfect for carp casting styles being stiff enough to promote fast tip speed and compression yet soft enough to bend so the rod will work for normal less powerful casters, the mid section blends into the tip brilliantly and is the ultimate compromise between lead control and fish playing ability.

This was proved to me by catching fish up to low twenties at my local 4 acre syndicate lake on the rod, using 10lb mainline and size 10 hooks, I have suffered no hook pulls and at no time did I feel like, the rod was in danger of ripping hooks out, yes it is powerful but playing fish at short range was no problem for this rod that can cast 200yds + in the right hands!!!!

The rod is available with a softer tip and a slightly stiffer tip that is ideal for PVA bags and method balls.

After months of casting these rods over 200yds many times I have not had one break on me FACT I believe that Steve Harrison has a superb rod here and it performs to the highest level as good or better than any other rod I have cast/fished with and believe me that is most of them

The Name of the rod is the Harrison TREBUCHET an awesome product

My rods were built by Chris Orme and once again they were built to exceptionally high standards and looked superb

Never forget Harrison's when in the market for a top of the range rod, they are as good if not better than them all, in my experience and I am not sponsored by them just appreciate quality English blanks

Terry Edmonds

I would just like to thank Chris on his excellent products and service. I purchased four 12 foot 3 lb tc Harrison ballista slims in April 2004 and I have to say the build quality and the product are great. Chris got the build and spec bang on bearing in mind I had only spoken to him on the phone and via e mail. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to any body I know or meet in the future.

Evan Hartshorne

Just like to say a big thanks to Chris for the help and advice he gave me on my new Chimera Barbel rods. He took the trouble to drive over and go thought the different options. After a couple of weeks I picked up my rods, I was very pleased with the standard of work and the finished rods are superb, in fact there the best rods I have ever had

Lee Turner ( AKA BigFatMirror )